The Open Source Advantage

China Goes Linux

No More Windows

Linux Will Replace Windows By 2020

China plans to replace Windows with a government endorsed version of Linux by 2020. China has already banned the use of Windows 8 on all government computers due to spying concerns, especially in light of the USA NSA disclosures.[1]

Conversion Timeline

Starting with Year 2014, the China plan is to convert 15% of government desktop computers, servers, and chips to their Linux distribution.[5] There is still no official word on the distribution but it appears the Ubuntu Kylin (14.04) Deepin is the most logical choice, especially since the Government is promoting Ubuntu Kylin to others as the alternative to Microsoft. In addition to the Government, the banking system has also been told to change to domestic operating systems.

What Is The Current Status of Linux In China Today?

It is somewhat difficult to assess things in China since, especially the government is pretty quiet and sometimes closed. A recent news article shows that banks in China are switching off Windows.