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The best way to learn is to ask questions about things you don't know. The teachers/trainers in us love to share information about our knowledge and favorite ideas. So, don't be shy - ask!.

Dr. John brings a wide ranging background to solve workforce development issues. His educational background includes degrees from top private schools Lafayette College and Princeton University, being an adjunct professor in both engineering and computer science at top private and public universities, and volunteer work on college admission programs including interviewing high school seniors. He is also a mentor and judge in student robotics competitions

If your question is selected for our Ask Us Friday podcast, you will receive a prize worth..., well, something unique to EmplyPrep Nation :)

The Ask Us Anything Friday Podcast

So don't be shy - ask anything. Great questions will be featured on our Ask Us Anything Friday Podcast Show.

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We have set up a simple forum for all of us to ask questions, share ideas, and make friends.

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